About us
Global Corporation Co., Ltd.

Global Corporation Co.,Ltd. is introducing a new environmental ethic to the cities of ASIA. Global Corporation is importor variety brand of electric vehicle and golf cart from worldwide.

The same sense of refinement, taste, and high quality of life that have been developed in the centuries-old cultures of SE ASIA, Global Corporation brings to personal transportation.

Global Corporation uses the most advanced engineering and parts available worldwide, put together in a package that is simple, durable, and fulfills its purpose perfectly. This little car brings a smile to the face of anyone who rides in it or sees it. It is a peace and at one with its environment : anyone sitting in it is as well : close to the earth, wrapped in the sky, in balance.

If you want to make a statement about your feelings for nature, the earth, the world we live in, or if you just want the most quiet, comfortable, economical environmentally friendly transportation there is, a Electric Vehicle and golf cart from Global Corporation for you.

Why EVS?

With depletion of oil reserves and increase in pollution levels all over the world, governments and communities are awakening to the several benefits of Electric Vehicles technology :

  • They are non-polluting and quiet
  • They can be charged easily, saving owners the need to queue at gasoline stations.
  • EVs are mostly charged at night, when power consumption is low, thus making more efficient use of our Power Plants.
  • They are easy to service and maintain.
  • Most Evs are compact in size and are easy to drive, maneuver and park in congested cities.
  • Evs have a very low operating and maintenance cost.